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Service to access HBO MAX and HULU on your Roku streaming player !
  • Service to access HBO MAX and HULU on your Roku streaming player !


    This is the copmlete turn-key service to assist you to access the HBO MAX and HULU channel right on your Roku !


    Note that you will need to pay the channel subscription for your ongoing monthly enjoyment of these two world-class, highly-ratedTVs and Movies channels.


    What you get from this service:

    • Assistance to access to HBO MAX and HULU channel on your Roku
    • All consultation and your questions answered
    • Upon your request, our ongoing FREE assistance to re-charge your own credits to pay your HBO MAX and HULU access (our genunine FREE service upon your ad-hoc request - 24 hour notice). Asolutely no fees or commission by us - that is: You recharge using your own money, you can suspend anytime !



    • You have a Roku streaming player and you are residing outside of the USA (i.e. USA Expats) and genuinely wish to access HBO MAX / HULU via Roku on your Big Screen TV or Projector
    • You have already set up a valid and working Geo Unlocked connection for your Roku to access the Roku USA streaming channels, for example, using our turn-key Smart TV Works USA Geo-Unlock device for Roku.
    • You understood that you are responsible to maintain sufficient credits to access as required by these channels. 



    About HBO Max from industry insight and update in late 2020


    "Warner Bros. decision to release its 2021 films on HBO Max could help the streaming service surpass Disney+ in total number of subscriptions.


    The decision by Warner Bros. to release its 2021 slate of movies on HBO Max could see the streaming service surpass Disney+ in subscriptions. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on the motion picture industry, leading Warner Bros. to enact a bold strategy in hopes of offsetting financial losses. The studio announced that 17 films would be made available to HBO Max subscribers on the same day as they release in theaters. Blockbusters and event films such as Dune, The Suicide Squad, and The Matrix 4 are among those that audiences will be able to stream from home.


    WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar announced the plan last month along with the news that Wonder Woman 1984 would be the first film to arrive on HBO Max the same day as theaters. The move has been criticized by some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including directors Christopher Nolan and Denis Villeneuve. It also comes with a financial risk as some industry executives worry that the plan could cost Warner up to $1.2 billion in lost box office revenue. But with the big risk also comes the possibility of a big reward."


    - by Matt Moore from, 17 Dec 2020

    • Refund or Return Policy

      This product is governed by our return policy, which is defined under the fair trading law and practices in Australia. For detail of the policy, please click and visit:


      However for those intangible product such as service performed, we guarantee the service delivers within the scope of the service listing, as long as it is supported by the streaming channels involved. However, we will still be able to respectfully refund you, upon any unpredicted situation arising that is based on fair and genuine assessment, understanding and good will, and to be agreed by both parties. 

    • Product summary

      • Access HBO MAX / HULU without any hassles
      • You recharge your own access credits 100% by your own fund ongoing, suspend anytime, no fees of course
      • Turn-key one-off service with no ongoing fees, only ongoing free assistance upon requests