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Service to rebuild your Roku Geo Unlocker
  • Service to rebuild your Roku Geo Unlocker


    This is our professional service to rebuild your Roku Geo Unlocker.


    If you wish to rebuild your existing Smart TV Roku Geo Unlocker for whatever reason, simply use this service to get this done, super easy. Please answer the following questions at your order checkout, by putting your answer in your checkout note:


    - What is the Roku Geo Location you wish to rebuild your Roku Unlocker to? i.e. Roku U.S. ? or Roku U.K.?

    - What is the ".com" email address that you haven't used for your Roku user account registration? (if you wish to reuse your existing Roku user email, then please you need to de-register/de-activate it before we can use it to register you the new Geo location for your rebuild Roku unlocker)



    What you get from this service:

    • Rebuild your Roku Geo Unlocker
    • All special postage handling and Express postage to send back your rebuilt Roku Geo Unlocker
    • All consultation and your questions answered
    • Ongoing follow-up assistance upon request



    • You have been using your Roku Geo Unlocker (purchased from us) and you wish to rebuild it for whatever reason.



    Please note that, once your order is received, we will provide you further steps for you to return your unlocker for rebuild.



    Any other questions please don't hesitate to reach us via phone or email.



    • Refund or Return Policy

      This product is governed by our return policy, which is defined under the fair trading law and practices in Australia. For detail of the policy, please click and visit:


      However for those intangible product such as service performed, we guarantee the service delivers within the scope of the service listing, as long as it is supported by the streaming channels involved. However, we will still be able to respectfully refund you, upon any unpredicted situation arising that is based on fair and genuine assessment, understanding and good will, and to be agreed by both parties. 

    • Product summary

      • Rebuild your existing Roku Geo Unlocker
      • Follow-up assistance upon requests (you are on our long-term support)
      • Back by local expertise for selling and supporting Roku streaming solution since 2012