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Roku 3 vs. Chromecast vs. Apple TV – Which One of These is the Ultimate Performer

Though there are tremendous numbers of streaming media players in the market, the trio of Chromecast, Roku 3, and Apple TV is rolling high.

Being regarded as the best performers, these media devices are usually the primary preferences of potential users. But, as every area has only one king, let’s find out which one of the three efficient players is the ultimate performer!

The first series of streaming media devices were appreciable for its basic theme, but a disaster in actual performance. The devices took a long time to load videos and applications. The first generation Roku was a part of these devices, alongside Xbox 360 and PS3. However, companies improved their respective devices in this area, offering better performance to the users.

With that said, the Roku 3, the Google Chromecast and the Apple TV stream and load videos in a few seconds. To be accurate, we have noted down the loading time of videos on the three devices using three popular apps. To begin with Netflix, the loading time in Chromecast, Roku 3, and Apple TV are 6.7 seconds, 4.7 seconds, and 21.2 seconds respectively. The Roku 3 device is the fastest in this section, followed by the Google streaming media player. The Apple TV is very slow as it takes more than 4 times the speed of Roku 3.

Secondly, Hulu Plus takes 7.1 seconds, 3.3 seconds and 5.4 seconds to load in Chromecast, Roku 3, and Apple TV. The Roku 3 player again turns out to be the best performer with its whooping 3.3 seconds; whereas the Apple TV trails by 2.1 seconds.

Lastly, the time taken to load YouTube videos on Chromecast, Roku 3, and Apple TV is 5.8 seconds, 4.5 seconds and 4.9 seconds respectively. Though the time difference is negligible, Roku 3 wins here too. It is a bit of surprise that the Google device takes the highest time even after having YouTube on its wheelhouse. In addition to this, the Apple device takes a lot of time to load Netflix, although it loads Hulu and YouTube videos at a fair speed.

The Roku 3 is better than the other two competitors in terms of loading speed. Moreover, the Roku device achieves this pedestal without compromising the quality of the videos. In fact, it streams high definition YouTube videos; an area where the Google device struggles at times. However, all the three streaming media players are compatible with 1080p videos, enabling high definition and clear quality pictures.